Denture Repairs

If you are located in or near Ocean Grove, denture repairs can typically be done quickly. It depends on just what is required to repair your dentures. We recognise the potential shame of being seen without your teeth so we will repair them as fast as we can.

denture repairs

Dentures are constructed from an extremely resilient material, however they do not respond well to unexpected, difficult forces such as being dropped onto porcelain sinks or tiled floors. As dentures age and become not so perfectly fitted, they can likewise be stressed by continuous flexing while in usage, which leads to tiny cracks that could fracture gradually.

Dentures generally need repairs over time but keeping your old dentures well beyond their use by day is among the primary causes. You should have your dentures relined after 4 years and replaced after 8 years and sometimes quicker, depending upon your teeth grinding routine.

Dentures repair services call for a specialised fixing process. Before we can touch them (and also after the repair work), the denture needs to be completely cleaned as well as soaked in appropriate cleaner.

Using the broken denture as a version (or in many cases we will take an impact), we pour a plaster model, grind the broken surface areas, blend new acrylic and put it into the join. Then after that, dentures have to be treated in a pressurised healing device. As soon as cured they are trimmed, brightened and also cleansed.

We can fix your dentures while you wait, or you could pick them up later in the day.

If you have an urgent repair work, please phone our Ocean Grove denture clinic on (03) 5255 4533 for a consultation. We will repair your dentures as quick as possible.

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