What’s A Prosthetist?

What’s A Prosthetist?

To be honest if I wasn’t a Dentist I would be asking the same question. Here’s an explanation about what Ryan Davies does and why he is a “Prosthetist”.

A Prosthetist is a specialist dentist who is specifically trained at an advanced level to provide advanced diagnosis, treatment planning, restorative treatment and maintenance of the mouth to achieve optimal comfort, aesthetics and health. Yes Ryan Davies definitely has done all the training and ticked all the boxes (and more) to be recognised by the Australian Dental Board as a Prosthetist.

The work of a prosthetist is often related to restoring missing teeth, broken or deficient teeth, restoring function and maintenance of the mouth and smile. The treatment planning and restoration of implants, crowns, fixed bridges, dentures, porcelain veneers, temporomandibular therapy and rehabilitation of the bite all fall under the field of prosthetics. The next time your general dentist refers you on to see a Prosthetist, I hope this helps explain why you’re being referred!


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